2018 New year, New season

Here we are in February 2018 and we are getting ready for a new season.

Although we are still in winter the weather has been far from a normal winter. We had snow in December 2017, which lasted a couple of weeks, but after that we have not had any snow or freezing temperatures.

IMG_20171217_105941   IMG_20171130_173615






Once the New Year started all we seem to have had is rain. So much that the Seine broke it’s banks in several areas, in the village we had several fields flooded but no major damage.

IMG_20180106_153424  IMG_20180106_155931 1

Not far from here is the Fosse Dionne at Tonnere, a natual Vauclusienne source that has a never ending source of water, and with all the rain we went to see it the other day..  here are a couple of the photos we took, but it’s well worth a visit anytime of year to see the changing water level.

IMG_20180127_143356  IMG_20180127_143152

We have already taken gite bookings for the summer and are starting to collect the brochures for the places to see around the area.. the Chateau de Bon Espoir just the other side of the valley is looking to have another busy year as a wedding venue, of which we have already taken some bookings.. 

Until next time, take care everyone…