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Cassis tours

Semur en Auxois  a medieval town built on a granite base rock surrounded by the river Armançon. Visit the old town and learn how the town has changed over time. An option on this tour is to visit the Chateau d’Epoisses. Which will need to be booked in advanced.

MuseoParc d’Alesia visit the museum built on the site of the last battle between the Gauls and the Romans. Covering an area of 1,200 m2 the museum has artifacts and vista’s of the great battle, there is also a film to relive the intensity of the historic moment.

Flavigny sur Ozerain is one of the most pictureque villages of France hidden away the fortified village is home to the famous Anis de Flavigny, exported around the world and still produced in the original abbey of their creation in the 15th century.  Flavigny is also famous for the location for the film ‘Chocolat’. After a walk around the village and the shop of the Anis de Flavigny a short visit to the wine producer in the valley to taste his wines.

The Chateau de Bussy Rabutin is a hidden gem of a chateau, hidden in a small wooded valley it was the home to Roger de Rabutin, Count de Bussy. He renovated and decorated the chateau while he was exiled here by Louis XIV, because he divulged the secret going ons in the Sun Kings court.

Abbey de Fontenay is a UNESCO World heritage site. Founded by Saint Bernard in 1118, it is one of the oldest Cistercian abbeys. With an abbey church, dormitories, a jail house, laymens chapel, infirmary and one of the oldest forges in the world everything is here for a self sufficient lifestyle.

The Great Forge du Buffon was built by the naturalist George-Louis Leclerc ,Count de Buffon. Built over two levels with the furnace next to a river  on the lower level, the upper level has the lodgings, gardens and farm.

Chateau d’Ancy le Franc is an amazing Rennaissace palace built between 1542 and 1150 its’ unique in France as the only chateau with four equal sides forming a perfect square. A masterpiece of the famous Italian architect Serlio it is the only palace to preserve decorations belonging to the first and second school of Fontainebleau. This tour can also be matched with the wine tour of Chablis. For more information check here wine-tours