Chatillon sur Seine

The town of Châtillon sur Seine has been an important crossroads for traders and civilisations for over 2000 years. Situated between the Burgundy and Champagne departments it was once an outpost for the famous Dukes of Burgundy and before an important bronze age settlement. The most important relic of this time is the Vase de Vix which is housed in the ‘Pays Châtillonnais’ museum  along with relics telling the story of the town and surrounding area’s from across time.

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The area surrounding Châtillon have also been important to it’s history with the Iron industry, Wood production, Stone quarries, Wine production playing pivotal roles in its evolution.   The number of churches and abbeys in the area also show its importance to the religious world,the abbey of Molesme being founded by St Robert de Molesme who went on the create the Cistercian order of monks. The Abbey of Fontenay one of the oldest and most important Cistercian monasteries of France and a World heritage site is only 35 km’s from Châtillon.

The hills to the north of the Châtillon you can find many artsisan wine producers,producing high quality wines and the increasing popular Crémant de Bourgogne.This Burgundian alternative to Champagne is produced just a handful of kilometres away.


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