The history of Crémant de Bourgogne began in the early nineteenth century. In 1822 when the Petiot brothers, traders in Chalon-sur-Saône and vineyard owners in  Mercurey and Rully, hire a talented young man from Champagne, François-Hubert Bazile. Bazile, had built up a knowledge of working in  a ‘Maison de Champagne’.

The Petiot brothers were convinced by his skills and launched their first production method ‘ Champenoise’. In 1826, they sold their sparkling wine under the name “Fleur de Champagne – Superior Quality.”



Already by 1827, one million bottles were sold across France.


In 1970 Under the leadership of Michel Esclavy, a group of winemakers based around Auxerre used strict conditions of traditional production and know-how but also rigorous wine-making techniques of high quality excellence and with this new commitment to excellence, and in October 1975 the “Sparkling Burgundy” obtains the AOC “Crémant de Bourgogne”.
fizz-506x640Today  Crémant de Bourgogne’ is a major player in the Burgundy wine production, representing 10% of the volume. With more than 16 million bottles sold worldwide, ‘Crémant de Bourgogne’ is a name recognized and appreciated at many large respected tables and occupies a deserved place among its competitors on the market in France and sparkling wine market of the world.