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Châtillon sur Seine has been a market town and crossroads for over 2000 years, situated between the departements of Bourgogne and Champagne it was once an outpost for the famous Dukes of Burgundy and separately the Bishops of Langres before that a bronze age settlement.

A visit around the town and to a vauclusian source of the Douix with it’s healing waters and onto the new ‘Pays Châtillonnais’ museum is a must. The museum is home to one of the most valuable archaelogical finds of recent times, the Vase du Vix. An urn that can contain 1100 litres of wine, found at the village of Vix several kilometres from the town.

Duration of this tour would be around 3 hours

Abbaye du Val des Choues took part in one of the largest religious movements of the Occident in the XI and XII centuries. The creation was recognized by Rome by a decree of Pope Innocent III and was the work of the Duke of Burgundy, owner at this time of the entire forest. This new independent order, the “ Order of the Val des Choues ” was inspired by Cistercian and Carthusian rules and gave birth to new priories in France and also throughout Spain and Scotland.
Later in the XVII century, all priories had to be attached to the Cistercian Order to survive. The Priory of the Val des Choues took the name of Abbey which is a term more commonly used by Cistercians.
Since 1990, the Abbey of the Val des Choues opened its doors to the public and converted the buildings having survived the revolution into galleries, exhibitions rooms and museums based on the theme of Hunt and Nature.
During your visit on weekends and in July-August, don’t miss the hound’s feast! A spectacular event occurring at 4pm.

Duration for this tour would be around 4 hours

The Source of the Coquille and the Marsh du Cônois are two sites devoted to nature, both listed at sites of special scientific interest. Due to their unique location they are home to plants that are normally found in mountainous areas such as the Alps and the Pyrenees.

For both it is advised to have a good pair of walking shoes.

Duration of this tour would be around 4 hours