North Burgundy


History and traditions are never too far away in the North Burgundian area, each town or village has a tale to tell.

The number of churches and abbeys show the importance of the area, St Robert of Molesme created an abbey at the village of the same name and went on the found the abbey at Citteaux, south of Dijon and helped found the Cistersien order of monks.

St Bernard of Clairvaux studied in Châtillon and went on to found the abbey at Fontenay, a  Unesco world heritage site.

Just 90 minute drive from Châtillon is the town of Vezelay, the basilique at Vezelay another Unesco World heritage site, is a must for those who like cathedrals and seeing where several crusades left from.

Walk in the footsteps of Romans with a visit to the Museoparc at Alésia, the site of the famous battle between the Romans and the Gauls.

Visit the Vase du Vix or tresor de Vix, the largest wine vessel ever found which can hold over 1,100 litres of wine, and other artifacts from across the ages at the Museum of the Châtillonnais in Châtillon sur Seine.

Walk around the medieval town of Semur en Auxois, the Chateau de Bussy, the village of Flavigny, famous for the small aniseed sweets and also the scene for the film Chocolat.

There are so many things to see and experience you will not want to leave.