Suggested Tours

At the Gîte de Nod we can help plan visits and tours depending on what you want to see and do, here are some ideas…


Having the perfect location is key, and here at the Gîte de Nod we cannot be better placed for anyone who is interested in all things to do with wine.

We have world renown wines on our doorstep plus some others you may not of heard of but offer the same quality of production. White wine, Red wine, Rosé wine or even something with bubbles we have it all covered. With a choice of half day tours which can also be made into whole days tours all the mysteries around wine growing and making will be explained.

Check out our Wine Tours page to learn more of what’s available.


At all points of the compass surrounding the market town of Châtillon sur Seine there are wonders to be seen. As each of our tours are based on taking half a day why not combine two tours and make an unforgettable whole day excursion.

Because of the distances involved only tours within the same group can be added together.

We have a selection of self guided tours grouped as Cassis Tours

We have a selection of self guided tours grouped as Escargot Tours