Wine Tours


Having the perfect location is key, and here at the Gîte de Nod we cannot be better placed for anyone who is interested in all things to do with wine.

We have world renown wines on our doorstep plus some others you may not of heard of but offer the same quality of production. White wine, Red wine, Rosé wine or even something with bubbles we have it all covered. With a choice of half day tours which can also be made into whole day tours, all the mysteries around wine growing and making will be explained.

Champagne Tour 1. Champagne and Cheese.

With a short drive across the departmental border you will be in the departement of Champagne Aube. Heading west you will drive through the Champagne vineyards and arrive at the commune of Les Riceys, three smaller communes joined into one famous and unique commune. Les Riceys is the only commune in France with three Appellations D’Origine Controlée for it’s wines , Champagne Coteaux Champenois and the rare Rosé des Riceys.

Recognised as one of the best Rosés in France and loved by the Sun King, Louis XIV of France.

After a visit around the village you could visit the Caveau de Riceys to learn further about this celebrated village and local produce.

Afterwards a short trip to Chaource to visit an artisan producer of the incredible cheese of the same name.The cheese, similar to Camembert but creamier and with a hint of mushroom, has been made in the same village since the 14th century, yet has never become well known outside France.

Duration of the tour would be around 4 / 5 hrs.

Champagne Tour 2. Champagne and Art.

With a short drive across the departmental border you will be in the department of Aube in the region of Champagne. Heading east you will drive through the Champagne vineyards and arrive at the village of Fonette where you can visit one of the foremost cooperative producers in the department. A group of over 130 wine growers and 120 vats with 8 wine presses. Truly Champagne on a grand scale.

After a visit to our preferred producer you will drive the short distance to Essoyes where you can visit the village of the famous French impressionist painter Auguste Renoir. After a visit to the museum devoted to his latter life a walk around the village to see his workshop is a must.

In Renoir’s beloved little village, you will have the opportunity to admire painting reproductions on canvass or on lava stone in the streets, the reflection on the Ource river, the windmill, superb stone houses, etc. The village has the looks of a work of art, combining the assets of the Burgundy and Champagne regions.

Duration of the tour would be around  4 / 5 hours

You can read more about the Champagne department here.

Chablis Tour

What can we say about this world famous white wine that has not already been said. A dry fruity white wine with it’s distinctive flavours made from the Chardonnay grape and cultivated on the limestone hills surrounding the quaint village of the same name.

After a walk around the village you can visit a Chablis producer to taste the different Chablis available from the young ‘Petit Chablis’ up the more rounded sophisticated ‘Premiere’ and ‘Grand Cru’ Chablis’.

Duration of the Chablis tour is about 4 hours

Option 1. On the return of this tour is a short visit to the Fosse Dionne at Tonnere a charming vauclusian source, transformed into a medieval washhouse. As well as the Hôtel Dieu also at Tonnere.

Duration of the tour is 4 / 5 hours

Option2.   A visit the commune of Irancy with the tour of Chablis afterwards.

For those in the know this Red wine is full flavour and rich in tannins that evolve into a velvety texture in the mouth. A hidden gem of a wine that compares very favourably to it’s more famous cousins around the Beaune area but with a price easier on the pocket.

After the visit to Irancy you can lunch at Chablis before the visiting Chablis itself during the afternoon.

Duration of the Irancy and Chablis tour is around 8 hours

Option 3.  A visit to the Chateau d’Ancy le Franc is an amazing Rennaissace palace built between 1542 and 1150 its’ unique in France as the only chateau with four equal sides forming a perfect square. A masterpiece of the famous Italian architect Serlio it is the only palace to preserve decorations belonging to the first and second school of Fontainebleau.

The Chateau d’Ancy le Franc is also in our Cassis Tours collection.

Duration of the Chablis / Chateau d’Ancy le Franc tour is around 6 / 7 hours


To the north of the market town of Châtillon sur Seine is the increasing popular wine growing area for Crémant de Bourgogne.

An alternative to it’s cousin the more famous Champagne there are over 3 millions bottles exported every year.

Driving  around the ‘Route de Crémant’ visiting small villages and local sights finishing at a Cremant producer who has a museum of old wine growers tools, learning about how this increasing popular bubbly wine is produced and more importantly how it tastes.

Duration of the tour is around 4 hours